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Best Pranks For April Fools Day 2009

Best Pranks For April Fools Day 2009

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Until today little has been known about when we all might get to see this spookfest but now I can tell you that April 1st, 2001, how to make blog will be the day we all get to check it out.

blogging for business , and well known, can you make money blogging to pull on multiple people is to buy some super glue get some quarters together and glue them down, some where on the ground outside, being sure not to damage anything. Sit back and watch people trying to pick up the quarters and have fun with a few laughs!

When http://www.myhereandnowlife.com/2017/03/stripe-in-name-of-love.html are trying to make a viral news, keep in mind that any person is limited in how much time they can physically sit at their computer and watch videos. Your video must compete with ALL the other videos on YouTube. photo travel blog is that your video must compete with everything else on the Internet including news, sports, fashion, humor, etc. That’s a lot of competition so for your video to stand out and go viral, it must be something really special!

interesting things on the web interesting information If your kitchen sink has a spray nozzle, use a rubber band to secure it in the “on” position and then ask someone to get you a drink of water (to be safe, you want to can you make money blogging sure they aren’t going for the hot water). When the water is turned on, they’ll likely get soaked!

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